Frischzelle  —  Festival fuer Intermediale Performance                         10.09.2015                    duesseldorf festival


Martin Brandlmayr


Martin Brandlmayr is widely recognized for his work in a variety of so-called post-rock bands, namely Radian, Trapist, and Autistic Daughters, among others.

He is considered to be one of the most innovative drummers active in the current avant-music scene today, and has crafted a signature style that somehow manages to sound loose and improvised while maintaining complex time signatures often inspired by intelligent dance music; critic Brian Olewnick has called Brandlmayr's work extraordinarily precise.

Among others, Brandlmayr has recorded or performed with John Tilbury, Fennesz, Chad Taylor and Otomo Yoshihide.

He was artist in residence 2002 at Podewil, Berlin. He now lives in Vienna, Austria and is an active member of Polwechsel.

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