Frischzelle  —  Festival fuer Intermediale Performance                         10.09.2015                    duesseldorf festival




Kurt Pyrolator Dahlke. Specialist for music and computer. Founder of the record label and music publishing house atatak (more than 150 publications since 1979). Member of the groups Fehlfarben, burkina electric, Bombay 1, a certain frank and Pyrolator. Former member of D.A.F. and Der Plan and pioneer of the Neue Deutsche Welle (German New Wave). He produced more than 200 records and CDs and was active on over 100 publications as a composer, musicians and software programmer. His main instruments are the Thunder LightningII built by the Synthesizer-Pioneer Donald Buchla, with which he is controlling the music by the movement or the pressure of the hands. Productions, concerts and installations since 1980 in Korea, Japan, the USA, Argentina, West&Nord Africa, central and Eastern Europe."

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