China Academy of Arts, Hangzhou, 11.12.12
Workshop und Konzert mit Echo Ho, Sven Hahne und Matthias Muche

Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai, 09.12.12
Qu Qianwen (visuals), Yin Yi (electronics), Echo Ho (electro gu qin), Sven Hahne (laptop, video), Matthias Muche (posaune), Zhao Junyuan (sax)

zajia lab //beijing project space 06.12.12
Gogo J (video), Wu Na (gu qin), Echo Ho (electro gu qin), Sven Hahne (laptop, video), Matthias Muche (posaune)

In this project, German and Chinese musicians and media artists will meet to exchange their artistical work in an improvised
performance-situation. The group first met during the "Frischzelle" festival for intermedial performance in Cologne in October
2012 and the second part takes places in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou. 

The main idea is to develop a unique improvised audiovisual performance, bringing together their cultural educations,
clichés and thinkings whilst being able to communicate using their common languages of music and image, creating a
homogeneous fusion of media and mind.

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