Frischzelle  —  Festival fuer Intermediale Performance                         10.09.2015                    duesseldorf festival


Moritz Ellerich


THE RAUMZEITPIRATEN were founded in 2007 by Tobias Daemgen and Moritz Ellerich with an Overheadprojector and a little pink Toypiano. Within their intermedial realtimestudies and media-lab-situations the RaumZeitPiraten explore the artificial generation of multidimensionalities and possibilities of its perception, structuring and intermediation. Beside traditional, digital sound and image generators they increasingly use analog, optic/acoustic self-constructions like the Haptonium and the Brummsel or complex apparat modifications like the MultiDimensionsProjektor and the Lightparasites. Their activities are aimed at playful, experimental connections of sound, image, object, space, time and music to an alternately self-expanding multimedia-performance-surround-spaceshiplaboratory-travel to somewhere between science and fiction.

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