The media artists and musicians Sven Hahne and Matthias Muche initiated Frischzelle as a festival for improvisation and composition. Their aim was to experiment with various forms of interaction between classical instruments and electronic sound production, as well as with dance, literature and audio-visual performance.

In particular, Frischzelle focuses on using computer technology for transforming sound and image, integration of diverse media and the connection between the human body and machines in the form of interfaces and sensor technology.

At FRISCHZELLE festivals, media artists and musicians engage in live dialogue. Using both composed and improvised material, they endeavour to create a unique format. Performers employ classical instruments, electronic sound generators, video projections, sculptural and cybernetic objects and almost anything that provides a direct or indirect connection between the components. This artistic practice is referred to as “intermedial performance”. On one hand, it aims to expand the concept of music by explicitly contrasting acoustic and electronic elements. On the other, it adds the dimension of live performance to media art. It is an opportunity to push the aesthetics, implementation and impact one step further.

Established by graduates of Cologne‘s Academy of Media Art and University for Music and Dance, Frischzelle‘s initial goal was to create a platform for new student groups. The idea was to capture and present that “magical moment” when a group plays live together for the first time. Many of these spontaneous projects continued beyond the festival and some continue today. Over the years, the concept of the festival was widened to include internationally renowned artists, who combine music and images and bring fresh ideas and unusual approaches.

Extracts from Frischzelle performances

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